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Amazing Hammock Chairs and Swings for your Home

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Summer is a season for relaxation and invigoration. No longer contained by those aggravating four walls, you can reclaim your freedom, even when the sun beats down hot. Even if you have to retreat into the shade, you don’t have to leave the fun in the sun. Better yet, when the summertime heat fades and the cooler climes chase us all back inside, keep the season alive by bringing a little bit of that relaxation and comfort into your home. Make it easy with an amazing hammock chair or swing. These are simply elegant: chairs that hang from the ceiling that are easy to store if need be, and stylish enough and functionally valuable to remain out all year long. Whether you’re outside enjoying a cold ice tea or a little drink with an umbrella, or inside watching the snow fall with a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands, create a comfortable place of bliss that evokes that summertime fun.

While the summertime fun lends itself to great parties, cool drinks, good friends, and hot music, there’s always room for you and your comfort. Give yourself the gift of relaxation this year and let everyone know that you’re going to get the most out of your summer with no regrets. With how versatile hammock swings and chairs are, you can carry that comfort over into the cooler months with ease. All you need is a stand or a second mounting point, and you’ll never need to store your beloved hammock swing again.

Pawleys Island Single Cotton Rope Swing

The traditional hammock comes in many colors, but the classic off-white is arguably the best. Outside, it evokes the softness of the beach and brightens up an entire yard or porch, while inside, it can provide a burst of attention-getting color that will stand out amongst the rest of your furniture. With Pawleys Island’s Single Cotton Rope Swing, you get triple-ply 100% cotton rope woven into and supported by a white oak spreader bar to make sure that your cocooning doesn’t get too restrictive like many other loose, rope-only designs can. With the ease of installation, consider placing mounting hooks both outside (or on a sold-separately stand) and inside the house. That way, you can enjoy the the sun from the comfort of your hammock chair, and when the chill air of autumn begins to encroach, you don’t have to lose that comfort. Instead of storing it away, mount it back up in your home to keep summer going for all seasons. Chairs that hang from the ceiling are low profile, easy to take down when necessary, and incredibly comfortable.

Algoma Hanging Caribbean Rope Chair

Tradition can be great and all, but what about that fresh burst of color that can really make a garden shine? Algoma’s Hanging Caribbean Rope Chair takes you to the sun, surf, and sand of the tropics, a miniature vacation. All it’s missing is you and that delicious concoction with a miniature umbrella. Take to the outdoors with the oversized hammock chair that comes in navy blue, natural brown, or burgundy. There’s enough room for you to recline like a full-sized hammock in full-sized comfort, or easily sit up and relax your way, chatting with friends or combating the summer heat with a chilling bestseller. The rope is made from soft polyester, ensuring a comfortable cocoon, while the 44-inch hardwood spreader bar maintains a 30-40 inch seat. Find a color that matches your indoors and outdoors, and you’ll never be wanting for comfortable solo seating. Algoma offers a c-frame chair stand made from sturdy black metal for a complete hammock chair with stand, ensuring you have the safest, most versatile way to relax. Move it wherever you want, follow the party or find your blissful solitude.

Pawleys Island Single Cushioned Swing

The cocooning security of a rope hammock swing can be comfortable, but not always practical for getting up and out. For some, the ease of access offered by Pawleys Island’s Single Cushioned Swing is perfect to hold onto that summertime nostalgia without having to fight what can be a tricky battle. This hammock chair is truly a force to be reckoned with. Beyond featuring a marine spar varnished white oak spreader bar that will resist aging, the cushion itself consists of all-weather Duracord fabric that is designed dry quickly and treated to resist mildew, mold, rot, and staining, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors as you desire, whenever you desire, without having to worry about taking it down when the weather goes sideways. Wherever you decide to place it, the variety of fabric choices is pretty impressive: Passage Poppy, Beaches Stripe, Trellis Garden, and Regency Sand, bright cheerful colors that can only improve your surroundings.

Algoma Cloud 9 Hanging Chaise Lounger

I’ve saved the best for last and now it’s time for something really different. What’s the most luxurious way to combine a lounge chair and a hammock chair together? Ding! You’re right, it’s Algoma’s Cloud 9 Hanging Chaise Lounger, a hybrid design from a company that isn’t afraid to bend the rules. After all, they’re more guidelines anyway, and Algoma is great at finding exactly where they bend. With the Cloud 9’s heavy duty steel frame with powder-coat finish, you don’t have to worry about bending at all. Nestled between the secure arms hangs a hammock-style pad of polyester fabric and poly fiber lining, sure to keep you relaxing in comfort. Above and beyond is the next distinctive design choice: a collapsible umbrella, made to keep the sun’s harshest rays off your head and keep you cool as the summer fun heats up. Because this innovative style is just so unbelievably comfortable, you might want to take it in the house when the outdoors are a little too unbearable, and you can! Relax in perfect comfort wherever you desire without hesitation, catch some rays without worrying about the annoyance of sun in your face, and consider the Cloud 9 Hanging Chaise Lounger for this upcoming summer.

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