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2 Unique Hammock Alternatives

Posted by Candace Osmond on

It can certainly be said that most people enjoy the thought of having a hammock. Being able to lie back and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature can only be a benefit. Hammocks give you the ability to nap comfortably outside, or you can bring them camping. However, there may be a reason that you do not own a hammock of your own. Perhaps you do not have the space, or you do not have the budget for a hammock. Either way, it is helpful to be aware of some alternatives that you could use instead of a hammock. Below are several suggestions that we have come up with.

Hammock chair

hammock chair is very similar in style to a traditional hammock. The main difference is that you are sitting up in it instead of lying down. The ends of the chair are attached to a spreader bar, and from there can be hung from a place of your choosing. Typically, people will hang them from tree branches, patio ceilings, or even inside! A hammock chair is a nice alternative if you want to spend time doing an activity in it. For example, you could read, sew or write while sitting in your hammock chair. Doing these things are more difficult in a traditional hammock, as you will not have as much back support while sitting up.

Hammock swing

A hammock swing is typically in the form of a chair, but can also resemble a traditional looking hammock. A swing like this will be supported by all four corners, and hung up. Hammock swings are nice because they give the user a bit more swaying movement. People might find that they relax better if they are swaying gently in the wind. It can also help with concentration, if the person is working on some sort of activity while sitting in their swing. Children will also enjoy hammock swings, because they will love the rocking movement. Just be sure not to let them rock the swing too much!

Although hammocks are wonderful inventions, sometimes they do not fit the situation as ideally as you would like. Hammock chairs and swings are idea for smaller spaces. For instance, if your backyard is not very large, you can still set up a type of hammock! If you put up a chair or a swing, you only need to hang them from one spot, and not spread them across two areas. Hammock chairs are good for quiet activities, while swings can be used to calm your nerves. Both are easy to fold and carry with you, if you want to set them up somewhere else.