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5 Non-Conventional Ways To Put A Hammock To Use

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A hammock is a traditional way to catch some extra zzz’s both indoors and outdoors. Hammocks have been providing people with effortless naps at a low cost for a very long time now- the first use being recorded in Central America nearly 2500 years ago! However, one of the greatest things about hammocks is their ability to hold whatever you want to put in there, other than your own body of course. Have you ever thought about all the endless possibilities for hammock-use? And how they can jazz up your decorating skills and overall function of an area? Add to your originality by checking out these top 5 non-conventional ways to utilize a hammock.


1. Organize Toys Or Stuffed Animals

If you have kids, this section was made for you. All of those toys that are not used and thrown into some ‘catch-all’ closet need to be organized and put in a large hammock. For one, it keeps sentimental objects off of the ground and away from damage, and it keeps the little ones from pulling the toys out again and making a mess. Win-win, right? Also, a hammock full of stuffed animals and toys is up for decorating, believe it or not. Everything can be nicely arranged and color-coordinated to make the piece a part of a theme.

2. Replace The Living Room Couch

Floating furniture is all the rage because it is hundreds of dollars cheaper than traditional furniture, just as gorgeous, and creates tons of extra floor space. Seriously, it’s time to throw out old and dusty furniture and hang up a large couch-sized hammock and spinning hammock
chairs instead of recliners. They hang from the ceiling, therefore they are easy to install and you won’t break your back carrying in heavy furniture. You can decorate furniture hammocks the same way you would a couch, with cozy throw blankets and pillows of every color.

3. As A Yoga Prop

As more of an acrobat tool rather than a hammock, small hammocks can be used to help accelerate yoga workouts and help position the body. After the workout, they can be lounged on, so you get multiple uses out of a small hammock. You can sit on them and start by swinging, do flips, hang upside-down and do situps, and so much more. It’s an easy way to elongate the spine and stretch every muscle, then cozy up in and take a nap after.


4. As A Bed

’m not telling you to throw out your $1000 mattress, but sleeping in a hammock has tons of health benefits that you might want to check out. Not only are they customizable and super comfy, but sleeping in a hammock regularly has been done since 450 BC. According to studies, sleeping in a hammock helps you fall asleep faster, promotes healthy sleep positions, provides deeper sleep habits, fights insomnia, strengthens brain waves, and is optimal for injury recovery. Sleeping is such a huge part of life, and sleeping comfortably is rarely done - no matter how much money you spent on the best possible mattress. Sometimes all it takes is laying on a body-conforming hammock and letting yourself drift off.


5. Extra Storage Space

A hammock can virtually create space anywhere. Especially in a place that would be impossible to install extra cabinets or organizational compartments. For example, a corner of the kitchen ceiling. All of those extra boxes and cans that you’re saving for the apocalypse can be hung overhead and saved for later. Also, it’s not ugly or expensive. That’s what makes it so useful and great. You can organize the area and even decorate it. Hammocks come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths.

Take Away Message

These are only 5 out of hundreds of uses that hammocks can bring into your life. The most mentionable benefit of adding hammocks to your home is the space it saves. Imagine all of that extra clutter in closets, ground space, and cabinet messes that can be solved just by adding one single hammock to the room. Large or tiny.

Basically, adding a hammock to any area of your home is a cheap way to make space or lounge/workout and look modern at the same time. It’s also something that you can customize and decorate yourself. There are a multitude of different hammock types, from all cloth to crochet style, and hundreds of different color schemes to choose from. On top of that, you can pile on blankets and pillows until you’re comfortable. Easy to use and useful for life.