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5 Things You Need for Your Next Hiking Trip

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Sometimes it is nice to turn off the T.V. and go outside to enjoy nature. One way that you can do this is by going on a hiking trip. Hiking trips can be lots of fun if they are planned properly. It is essential that you pack everything that you might need, so that you won’t be uncomfortable. We will be discussing some of the key items that you should bring with you on your hiking trip.

Map and compass

These are two tools that no hiker should be without. Even if you are an experienced hiker, it is easy to get lost in the wilderness. If there is bad weather, you could get disoriented and lose track of where you are. A map and a compass will guide you back to a place where you are familiar, and out of the woods.

Portable hammock

If you are planning on spending the night on your trip, you will need a place to sleep. Having a comfortable bed for the night is key. Portable hammocks with stands are convenient because you can take them out and set them up anywhere. They can collapse and be easily carried with you in a traveling pack.

Sun protection

Being protected from UV rays is very important. You could bring items such as sunglasses and sunscreen to help shield yourself from the rays. If you are in a wooded area, you may believe that protection from the sun is not required. However, you should have these items with you in case you leave the woods or come across gaps in the trees.

First-aid pack

It is always good to be prepared for anything that might happen. Before you leave, make a pack filled with essential healthcare items. For instance, take items such as bandages, aspirin and ointment. Being able to take care of wounds on the spot can prevent further damage. These first-aid items can help you get back to a place where you can be treated by a professional.

Fire starters

If you stop for the night, the temperature will most likely drop by a considerate amount. Having assistance starting a fire might be much appreciated. Pack matches or flint lighters to help spark the flames. Once the fire is started, you will be able to sit around and enjoy the warmth that it provides.

If you put a bit of extra thought into preparing for your hiking trip, it is more likely to go off without a hitch. Having everything ready to go in advance will save you from worrying while you are on your trip. So, pack up and enjoy yourself!