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7 Unique Ways and Places to Hang a Hammock

Posted by Candace Osmond on

So you finally took the plunge and bought your first (or fifth) hammock- once you have one it seems almost necessary to find room for other hammocks. But let's focus on just this one, along with a special place to put it and how to hang it in order to achieve the best functionality. There are probably a thousand combinations of where and how to set up a hammock, but the best thing to do is concentrate on the easiest, most comfortable, and visually appealing ways to make a hammock suit your own personal preference.

1. Hovering Right Above the Ground


This is cheap, easy, and visually appealing. What else matters? Adding a hammock to the corner of any living space and having it rest only 6 inches from the floor makes for a cozy seating area. This look makes loveseats seem like a part of barbaric history. To make this space happen, all you need is a corner, a hammock, and wall mounting material to hang on each side. Depending on your home’s color scheme, you can pick a color that matches or an ‘off’ color for contrast purposes. Throw in a bunch of throw pillows and a blanket and you’ve got your own little nook. If you decide you’re tired of it hanging so low, it’s simple to remount it and stretch it out so it can sit a few feet above ground level.

2. Between Two Trees


This is probably the most common way hammocks are hung outdoors for very obvious reasons- it’s natural and convenient. Plus, it’s easy! You just have to have two trees conveniently at a proper distance from one another. If you have that, some rope or bungee cords, and your hammock. On top of that, it’s best to utilize the hammock on a lazy and warm day. The typical picture in your mind is on a beach between two palm trees and to be honest, that’s how a lot of resorts and exclusive getaways do it. But if you live in a less tropical climate, it doesn’t make this way of hanging your hammock any less special.

3. Hang it like a Chair


Hammocks can be chairs too, didn’t you know? It just takes a little extra elbow grease to hang it in a way that it transforms into the shape of a chair rather than a hammock. Obviously, this will be best hanging from the ceiling indoors or outdoors- on any ceiling surface you have in or around the house. It would also look great outside hanging from a single (and sturdy) branch. More mounting material will be needed, so be prepared to spend a little bit more on your gear. Also, you will need normal chair cushions, the kind you would find in a garden center area of a store. This will help form the chair shape of the hammock and provide loads of comfort on sunny summer day.

4. A Quick Bunk Bed


Whether it’s for you, a roommate, or you kid, a half-bunk half-hammock is an awesome way to make sleeping comfortable for everyone. And guaranteed, everyone would be fighting over the hammock portion. A hammock can be hung easily with any color scheme or bedroom theme and tying the hammock will be super easy considering the pillars each side attaches to is already there (the top bunk). If you have one kid who has outgrown the bunk bed and is in their other room, give the other kid a cozy spot to hang out by simply removing the other mattress and doing a little bunk bed remodeling. It’s easy and can make a room look awesome.

5. Under the Sun on your Porch


Imagine this; a summertime siesta with a cup of coffee (or lemonade), a good book, and some classic vitamin D. And, all of this will be done in the shade and sunshine of your porch, balcony, patio, or whatever you have to work with. Hang it from the sturdy roofing or pillars beside/above you and enjoy having a hammock that is both inside and outside. Enjoy rainy days safely under a roof, yet still being able to feel a few sprinkles and smell the storm. Can you imagine a place more peaceful? For most of us, home is a little crazy, so make yourself an area that was made for relaxing.

6. Over a Pool


If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, then right above your pool or in the direct vicinity of the pool is a 5-star place to hang your hammock. But for this, you’ll have to know how to hang your hammock which can be somewhat difficult depending on the setup you have. You will obviously need to have pillars in or around the pool or trees surrounding the area. If not, it’s a pretty simple additive to any pool and will support many other neat things for a pool area besides just a hammock. Long story short, it will be totally worth it. Draping right over the water with one hand in while working on your tan- sounds like perfection.

7. In the Office or Studying Area


If you’re into that luxe progressive and modern office look, whether it’s for your company, business, or guest bedroom, this picture inspiration makes for the perfect quiet study/working area. There is an ample amount of sunlight and neutral colors to create the zen, and hammocks are so easy to hang in rooms with either mounting material or open beams overhead. And as you can see, hammocks can be thin and sheet-like or they can be like giant pillows. How else would you want to work? This looks better than any $1,000 rolling computer chair.

-What to take away from this:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this should be enough inspiration to remove all your furniture from the house and replace them with hammocks. Just kidding. But really, it’s all about perspective and what you’re working with. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny house in the populated city or a home on a ranch with acres of space- there is always room to hang a hammock somewhere. For one, the are cheap, and for two, they make any space look more cozy and casual yet still classy and modern. So go crazy- it’s your home (or office) and you should be able to enjoy hanging a hammock anywhere that brings you ultimate relaxation.