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5 Great Hammock Alternatives

Hammocks are great, plain and simple. But not everyone has the adequate room to lay out a full sized hammock. So what's a person to do? Well, there are tons of great alternatives to the common hammock and here's a list of 5 that should fit in any space; big or small.1) Algoma Hanging ChairAptly named, the Algoma Cloud 9 [...]

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5 Unique Gift Ideas to Give This Summer

The Summer months are full of fun events like baby showers, wedding showers, pool parties, house warmings, and birthday parties. They all require a gift of some sort and all tend to procure the same common gift types. So why not stick out amongst the guests and give your friends and family a gift they’ll remember for years to [...]

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How to Care for Your Outdoor Hammock

Hammocks are all the rage and have been for quite some time. But there’s a major difference between indoor and outdoor hammocks and the care involved with them. Depending on the material, make and model, and size, there’s a process you should always follow to ensure the long life of your favorite relaxing spot. These easy steps should help [...]

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5 Unique Hammocks to Brighten Your Backyard

It’s no secret, everyone loves a good hammock. They’re relaxing, comfortable, and the ultimate Summer backyard accessory. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes as well as colors and designs. But these 5 unique hammocks take it up a notch. Style your outdoor nap swing to your tastes and what works for your exterior space.1) The AlgomaThis [...]

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Hammock Camping

If your experience with hammocks has been limited to a few idle poolside swings, you may think of the comfy chairs as a novelty reserved for 5-star vacations. But as a growing number of hammock enthusiasts will tell you, they’re actually a great piece of equipment to bring on a camping trip or to replace [...]

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Top Hammocks of 2016

When going to the beach or indulging in a weekend getaway cannot be fitted into your schedule, finding a retreat from the everyday coming and goings at home becomes crucial. A nook all to your own in your garden, whether with a good book or just to indulge in a quiet moment with your [...]

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