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All About Camping Pocket Hammocks

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Camping can be a great pastime. You get the chance to explore the great outdoors with friends and family, and be closer to nature. Camping is also a good chance to just relax and de-stress from the typical everyday demands of life. However, in order to ensure that your camping experience is enjoyable, you must be properly prepared. This means that you need to think about every possible thing that you might need to bring. This article will be talking more about hammocks, specially camping pocket hammocks, which you might need to bring with you.

Pocket hammocks

This hammock is especially useful for camping because it is portable. You can fold it up, and take it with you anywhere you go! This means that you can have a comfortable sleep without having to drag heavy bedding around with you. Most pocket hammocks are long enough for the average person to sleep in, with a length of approximately 7 feet. Pocket hammocks are sometimes made out of polyester or parachute material.

Caring for a pocket hammock

Like anything else, pocket hammocks should be treated well to ensure that you get a long use out of them. When you are getting into your hammock, try to empty your pockets first. If you have anything sharp or pointy, this could cause a tear in the material. If you smoke, do not do so in the hammock. If any embers fall from your cigarette, the material can easily singe and get a hole. When you are finished using your hammock in the morning, fold it up and place it back in its pouch. This way, it will not be left in the sun for hours, and will not be damaged.


Pocket hammocks can come equipped with many useful features. Mosquito nets are one thing in particular that will be much appreciated. They will keep away the pests at night, leaving you to enjoy your sleep. Another add-on is a pillow pocket. This is a pillow that is built into the hammock. Although not a necessity, this pillow can certainly improve the quality of sleep that the user is getting. A third feature is an extra zipper added into the material. This makes it possible for you to zip yourself into your own little cocoon. This can keep out noise, and generally make you feel more secure.

The next time you are planning a camping trip, don’t forget to bring your hammock! Pocket hammocks make camping trips so much more enjoyable, because you are able to get a good night’s sleep. Then you will be well rested for the exciting adventures planned for the day ahead of you!