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Gorgeous Bohemian Hammocks Styles To Fall In Love With

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Boho-chic is the style of gypsies and carries on into current beauty aspects of today. It’s a free hippie style in nature and revolves around comfort and beachy vibes at the same time. It sounds like a lot to take in, but really it’s a simple style that makes any area seem much more peaceful and relaxed. This is why so many people have added bohemian aspects to their home.

In full honesty, the best way to start your bohemian or hippie-chic decor transformation is by starting with a simple hammock. And surprisingly, there are so many ways to style a hammock or effortlessly add it to your home- no matter what furniture arrangement you have. Check out these gorgeous bohemian hammocks that will add a unique yet relaxing flair to your home and how to decorate around them.

What exactly is bohemian style?

In all reality, any hammock is technically bohemian style. However, there are more bohemian styles in the hammock category compared to others. Think artsy hippie meets relaxed beachy and has a baby- the product would be bohemian. Those who live out of an Airstream and as a vagabond on the road embrace not only this style but the lifestyle that comes with it.

Are you a free spirit at heart? Do you embrace a somewhat hippie-chic decor pattern at home? Bohemian style hammocks are the perfect addition to give your house good vibes, peace, happiness, and comfort.

Shell/Scallop Designed Hammock

As a design in itself, shell patterned is simply a way of making a hammock look decorative and unique compared to others. Also known as a scallop type of crochet style, it is usually accompanied by a hanging fringe design that delicately swoops down below the bed of the hammock. It’s a decorative boho hammock that can be incorporated even in modern homes or gardens.

Colorful Vintage Hammock

Think of decades ago, designs inspired by the Woodstock era and hippie patterns - this is coming back into everyday styles and becoming highly popular all over again. You’ll see it in clothes, home decor, rugs, blankets, and of course hammocks. Vintage style hammocks don’t off to be off-white and shaggy, they can almost appear as a large tie-dye sheet strung up to lounge on or something more complex with intricate sun and star patterns or colorful mandalas. There really is no right or wrong with vintage aspects displayed in your home. If anything at all, it will make any area more peaceful and eye-catching.

Hammocks With Embroidered Designs

Another way to dress up a regular hammock and give it more of that boho-chic style you strive for is to look for hammocks that have been embroidered with a picture or design. These are harder to make so they may come at a steeper price than any other hammock, but what’s not to love about them? They are well worth the extra money. Nearly anything can be embroidered into a canvas as big as a hammock, but one with the most popular designs are flowers or animals. It adds a well-balanced contrast, as most likely the rest of the hammock will be an off-white color and just the embroidery will be colored.

Basic Macrame With A Fringe

Macrame is the art of knotting cords to make patterns and is a whole style of its own. It’s also probably the most common hammock design and the first thing you’d see if you searched for bohemian hammocks to purchase. There are thousands of macrame designs - each one special and unique to whoever created it. Adding a fringe (loose dangling cords) to either side of the hammock gives it even more of the ‘beachy’ vibe. They look gorgeous both indoors and outdoors, and they can be any color - the most popular being off-white.

Vivere BRAZ400 Brazilian Syle Double Deluxe Hammock

Final Thoughts

There are tons of ways to make your home, garden, meditation area, and anywhere else even more cozy and boho-chic by simply adding a hammock. If you are cramped for space, please don’t forget that any of the above styles listed can be made into a swinging chair (not even half the size of a hammock).

They can be the centerpiece of your chosen area and cost way less than furniture, so feel free to throw out that old dusty couch and hang up that hippie hammock you’re dreaming of. If you already have a garden set up or a comfy outdoor retreat, consider hanging one up in that area and bask under the sun for a nap. Both cozy and attractive, bohemian hammocks were made for people who are ready to bring peace into their lives.