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How to Avoid Flipping Your Hammock

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Sleeping in a hammock can be a relaxing and comfortable experience. Whether you are using your hammock inside or outside, gentling rocking yourself to sleep can lead to a good night’s rest. However, what is stopping you from flipping yourself out of the hammock by accident? Is it possible to prevent this from every happening? Let’s find out in the article below!

Spreader bar

The traditional hammock design was modified when wooden spreader bars were added to it. The bars were added so as to ensure that the hammock stays open for people to lie in. The hammock was also supposed to look more like a bed, and be easier to get into. Spreader bars are the leading causes of hammocks flipping over.

Why do spreader bars cause flipping?

Due to their design, spreader bar hammocks require the user to have a good balance when they are getting in. The hammock is spread out, so it can be flipped more easily than if you were wrapped up in it. If the ropes of the hammock are flat, this is more likely to be an issue than if the ropes were more wrapped around you.

Do not tie the material too tight

While you are hanging your hammock, be careful not to tie the ropes too tight. If the hammock is tied too tightly, you are more likely to flip. Even though you may believe that a tight hammock is better for you back, do not do this. Leave enough slack so that there is a comfortable and natural curve. This curve will be a good place for your back to rest upon.

How to get in the hammock

Do not try to quickly jump in the hammock. This may upset the hammock, causing it to flip. The best approach is to slowly pull the hammock towards you, and gently sit in the middle. Slowly hold the sides and bring your legs up. Once you are in the hammock, distribute your weight equally. Do not made any sudden movements, and the hammock should remain stable. Do not sit on the edge of a hammock and try to lie back. This is not a good idea, and will result in a comedic sight (for the people around you).

Do not be afraid of your hammock! Being worried that you will flip out will ruin your night, and you will not get a good night’s sleep. If you have spreader bars on your hammock, you might be tempted to remove them. However there really is no need for this. If you remain balanced and relaxed, the hammock should be steady throughout the night.