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How to Hang your Hammock

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Hammocks are essential for relaxing in the sun on a warm summer day. However, one thing that you will definitely want to avoid is falling out. There is nothing worse than drifting off to sleep in a hammock, and waking up on the ground. Hanging your hammock properly will ensure that when you get in it, you will stay in it.

Be selective about the location

Once your hammock is set up, you probably won’t want to take it down again. This is why you should think carefully about where you want the hammock to go. If it is in the backyard, there are more elements to consider. For example, if you place it in an area that gets direct sun all day, you will eventually wind up with a sunburn. If it is only in the shade, you might get chilly when a breeze blows by. As well, if your hammock is under a tree, you must remember that there are other inhabitants of that tree. Birds, squirrels and other small animals may not be thrilled that you are so close to their homes and nests. They might get defensive, or just be loud enough to prevent you from having a much-needed nap.

Make sure you have enough space

Hammocks come in a variety of different sizes. It is easier to choose a new location for your hammock than to buy a new one if the size is wrong. This is why it would be wise to measure the space where you want to hang your hammock before you buy one. If you want to hang it between two trees, check the available space that you have to work with. If a hammock does not have enough room to stretch out, it will not function optimally. As well, if you stretch it too far, it will not be able to support you when you lie on it. This will cause damage to the hammock.

Double check the supports for your hammock

If you are planning to hang the hammock on a tree, inspect it first. Make sure that the tree is large enough to support the weight, and if there are any dead branches. If you are not careful, your hammock might fall to the ground with you in it. If you are hanging the hammock between two walls, be careful to use materials that will last. Screws are usually a safe bet for supporting the weight of hammocks. When fastening a hammock to a tree, there are a certain type of straps that you can use. Tree-fastening straps are effective in supporting the hammock as well as causing no damage to the tree.