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Measuring for the Right Hammock Stand for Your Hammock

Posted by Candace Osmond on

It’s summer and you’ve found the perfect hammock for relaxing in the warm summer breeze and soaking up that beautiful sunlight...or you would, if you weren’t bound to trees and hidden behind leaves. To be fair, sometimes the summer heat can be a little unforgiving and shade is great, but what if you want both? You can have everything, despite what they say about cake and eating it too. Imagine the versatility of a hammock stand. Want to be by the pool? Drag it over. Want to hide under the shade and nap in the cool breeze? Drag it over. Want to enjoy your hammock indoors? I think you get the idea here.

There’s no downside to a hammock stand. You’re getting a secure, sturdy base that resists tipping and accidents, mobile enough to go wherever it’ll fit, and no unnecessary or questionable straps or hooks drilled into those beautiful trees. Even if you’re not totally sold on those virtues alone, let’s take a look at just how simple it is to measure up to match your hammock, or even take a quick gander at some of the hammocks out there that come with stands already.

One Sizes Does Not Fit All

You aren’t going to be restricted to a style or material you don’t like, just for the sake of convenience, and even hammock chairs can enjoy the freedom of a mobile stand. While hanging a hammock from a tree requires some pretty interesting math, purchasing a stand takes pretty much all the work out of it. Over the past few years, hammock sizes and designs have been changing and increasing, but there’s still a very easy method for finding which one will fit your needs the best.

Measure your hammock end to end, ring to ring, for its total length. Take that number and add 2 ft. for the size stand you need. It’s just that easy! No, really. That’s it. Most hammocks will measure about 13 ft. and require a 15 ft. stand, while a few others are 11 ft. in length and require a 13 ft. stand. No worrying about angles, mounting hooks, or making sure you wrapped the tree strap tightly enough. Everything is considered when it comes to the stands’ designs.

For a hammock chair, you don’t even have to measure. Simply pick out which color and design you like the most and go to town! Know before you buy that all hanging components like hooks and rings are included with the hammock itself, so you won’t get an extra set with your stand, unless specifically stated.

Now comes the more difficult part: making sure you have enough space, especially if you plan on including this luxury around your pool area. The width of the stand will ultimately depend on the style, but whichever model you choose, take into consideration more than just the size of the stand. If your hammock has spreader bars, you’ll want to take that and add a few more inches for swing. Rhythmically knocking into a fence or other obstacle can really take the fun out of your relaxation, and accidentally bumping a passerby into the pool can cause a heck of a splash.

Which one should I get?

The only person who can answer that question is you, but I’m totally willing to make some recommendations. A lot depends on what your personal style is, but you can narrow down some ideas depending on budget and what kind of hammock you have already. There are also a few bundle packages that combine a hammock and stand for you, taking all the work out of choosing.

If you’ve got a crazy fun hammock or are looking for a unique color, consider a simple black metal stand system like the Algoma 15’ and 12’ options. The Algoma style comes in multiple colors to best match your location: hunter green for the garden, beige for the beach, and black for pretty much everywhere! They’ll blend into the background, leaving all the attention on you and your hammock. The design is also super simple and very affordable, so don’t be afraid to grab some spray paint and spend a day outdoors customizing your stand to look exactly how you want it.

Metal stands are made for stability, durability, and elegance of simplicity rather than their decorative properties. Breaking down a metal frame for winter storage should take less than ten minutes, and the posts can fit easily in a shed or garage. The same goes for the Algoma and Bliss brand hammock chair stands, their solid construction promising a long-lasting support system.

Some stands are just too beautiful to cover up, and a wooden stand like Twotree’s American Cypress Wood Curve Stand is a perfect example. Even though the natural beauty of wood is bright and on display, you don’t have to be concerned about mildew, moth, or mold damage as stands of this caliber are treated to prevent unsightly staining and damage. You’ll still want to break it down for winter storage.

What if I don’t have a hammock yet?

You don’t have to buy a hammock and stand separately unless you really, really have your heart set on one or the other. When it came time for our family to look at stands, we decided to upgrade the whole thing at once, and I wouldn’t go back. Hammock and stand sets have been crafted specifically to bring a complete and long-lasting design to your backyard, with a few options that you won’t find in standalone hammocks.

Solid and airy come together in Algoma’s Arc Stand and Carribean Hammock, a set that features strong, red-toned Russian hardwood pine and the comfortable embrace of soft polyester rope. The strong colors will definitely stand out, but if you’d prefer something a little more subtle, Twotree offers a ridiculously comfortable and spacious Soft Comb Quilted Hammock with stand included. It’s about as close to an outdoor bed as you can get without blowing up the air mattress. For the simple, elegant, and traditional-minded, you can’t go wrong with Twotree’s Cotton Rope Hammock and Stand set.