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Preparing for the Perfect Summer with a High Quality Hammock

Posted by Candace Osmond on

A quiet breeze rustles the trees, gusting just enough to paint the ground with speckles of sunlight and leaf shadows. Birds chirp cheerfully, their songs dancing through the warm summer day while you relax under the beautiful sky, shaded by gently swaying trees, reclining in the comfortable embrace of a new hammock. When the sun gets a little too intense, move the hammock to the comfort of shade under the porch, so you can continue enjoying the fresh air. At night, gaze up at the stars with the freedom of a freestanding hammock and stand set, allowing you to freely move and escape the trees for the fullness of what a beautiful night has to offer.

Summer is coming and no one wants to go into this season woefully underprepared. There are certain supplies you simply must have to maximize your fun. Sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Most certainly. Swimsuit, sandals, shorts? Check, check, double check! Hammock? Ah, nuts. Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with the best of the best as far as the perfect outdoor hammock is concerned. Already got the hardware you need? No problem! Replace last year’s model with a new classic! That said, you’ll definitely want to check out these freestanding options, even if you’ve already got a hammock hanging from the trees. This is a season of freedom, why be bound to trees, poles, porch supports, or the lack of them?

Pawleys Island Presidential Size Original Cotton Rope Hammock

Tradition has a special place in our hearts, and if you already have the hardware for a hammock and you’re looking for the most classic of options to re-live rich history during these summer months, Pawley’s Island offers the Presidential Size Original Cotton Rope Hammock. This classic luxury is crafted from 3-ply 100% cotton rope in a double-latch weave for superior strength and comfort, attached to solid oak spreaders that will last and last thanks to the marine spar varnish. The Presidential Size isn’t just a selling ploy; the ten-inch increase assures that two people can share the hammock comfortably in a spacious five foot, five inch span. Or if you’re looking for a bit of alone time, you have plenty of space to lounge. While the stand is not included with this particular hammock, you have the freedom to choose whatever color you like from the related offerings: green, taupe, black, or bronze. Each stand consists of fifteen feet of hardy 12 gauge steel, and the zinc chromate hardware included with the hammock can hold up to 450 pounds, so there’s no reason not to share this bed-sized hammock with that special someone! That is, unless you don’t feel like it. It’s okay to be selfish when this kind of comfort is at stake.

Because the cotton fibers are so soft and strong, it is recommended that you take this hammock in and store it when the dry winter months or bad weather ensue. Humidity and dampness isn’t 100% cotton’s best friend. Rest assured that when the sun comes out again, you’ll be ready to relax wherever you desire.

Pawleys Island's Linen Large Textilene Poolside Hammock

Looking for something equally as luxurious but more durable for humid climes or poolside? You can still enjoy the classic stylings of a traditional off-white hammock without risking the damage with Pawley Island’s Linen Large Textilene Poolside Hammock. What sets this particular hammock apart is the fabric treatment. While just as comfortable, each individual thread is treated with PVC before being woven into the trademarked Textilene linen open-weave fabric. This adds longevity and durability to the hammock, so you don’t have to be as concerned when the humidity peaks out. Handcrafted and ensured to be a high point in your summertime fun, you can’t go wrong adding a poolside hammock to your options this season. The Poolside Hammock is slightly narrower than the Presidential Size, ensuring that you can set it poolside and still allow freedom of movement. If you’re lacking trees or pre-existing hardware, stands are available in the same variety of colors.

Algoma's Cotton Rope Hammock, Stand, Pad and Pillow Combination

When you want it all, get it all. Algoma breathes new life and comfort into a happy tradition with their Cotton Rope Hammock Combination hammock and stand set. Not do you get the classic styling of pure cotton rope and hardwood spreader bars, but this combination comes with a polyester fabric pad with fiberfill batting and matching pillow to guarantee everything will come together in one excellent, super comfortable package. Setting the hammock up with the included stand is simply a breeze, and all the hardware is outdoor plated. Be ready for summer and all that a season can offer, all while holding onto the beautiful traditional hammock style that is timeless for a reason. Grab your favorite book and enjoy the gentle breeze, or take a night off for yourself and sleep amongst the stars. It’s an essential outdoor hammock with stand, and it does its job with excellent comfort.

Algoma 12' Arc Stand and Fabric Hammock with Pillow

Tradition is all well and good; after all, it’s tradition for a reason. If you’re anything like me, though, you’re searching for something new, a twist to turn something old into something new. I can tell you one thing, when I first saw Algoma’s Arc Stand and Fabric Hammock, my heart may have jumped. Let’s work backwards with this one and start with the base: a twelve foot arched wooden stand made from Russian hardwood pine and secured with an outdoor spar varnish, giving it a beautiful, rich red-toned color. The hammock itself consists of polyester rope clewed ends and an alluring (and reversible) quilted body. Polyester fibers with fiber filling span the comfortable distance, sewn with channels to maintain its quilted style. Oh, did I mention it comes with a pillow? I was distracted by the elegant styling of what is sure to become an instant summer classic. The advantages of a freestanding hammock and stand set at a modest 77 pounds means you can move it wherever you desire and enjoy the summer to its fullest.