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The Best Portable Seating for Outdoor Events

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Between tailgating, pool parties, visits to the beach, and as many barbecues as we can handle, summer is the season to get out and be with friends and family. What’s worse than showing up at the park or shore and finding that there aren’t enough seats for everyone? Nothing ruins a day faster than having to sit on the ground to watch the game or risk getting sand everywhere. Why not relax in style and comfort and stop putting off the most useful of luxuries? These are a lot of questions I ask myself repeatedly, every time I go out to a soccer game and see every single picnic table already claimed. Learn from these mistakes!

Lawnchairs are a dime a dozen, sometimes literally. Camp and folding chairs are great, but you have to pack up quite a few of them if you’ve got a family. Provide without worry with one of these couch-style, multiple person folding chairs. They fold flat and fit easily into the back of the truck or car, and can sit two adults or three children comfortably. The unique approach to group comfort will work out well in your favor, especially if you’ve got a significant other you want to share the moment with, without having to sit in their lap and manage plates, beers, and sunshades.

The Algoma Couch

Algoma provides a couple of great options, the Sport Couch and the Tailgater, equally solid choices for fieldside game watching and prepping for the big one. Both come in bold Red, royal Blue, and slick Black. The Sport Couch is ideal for outdoor events like kids’ sports games and similar that require you to be more compact, as it includes two roomy zippered enclosures that provide ample space for suntan lotion, wallets, phones, keys, and other necessities that you don’t want to wander off too far. The Tailgater trades these pouches for cupholders, perfect when you’re out at a family picnic, barbecuing at a friend’s place, or tailgaiting in a location where you don’t have to keep as close an eye on your personal belongings. Lock’em up and prepare for fun!

Both Algoma models feature 44"W x 25.25"D x 32.5"H dimensions that fold down to a miniscule 4.5”, with a 16” deep seat that can support up to 500 lbs. All that, and they only weigh ten pounds carry weight, easily lofted about with the included shoulder straps. With rust-proof aluminum frames and wooden armrests, you aren’t going to have to worry about weather taking its toll on your newest party equipment.

Gravity Free

Sharing is caring, but when you want to relax like royalty, sometimes you need to pamper yourself with a little extra attention. Bliss has got you covered with the Gravity Free line of personal recliners. With a powder-coated steel frame and industry-standard PVC-coated non-stretch woven polyester fabric (try saying that ten times fast), you’re getting an outdoor throne that can withstand any punishment. Able to comfortably support up to 300 pounds, the Gravity Free recliner features “zero gravity” positional reclining to promote better circulation and a greater depth of comfort.

If you want even more comfort, Bliss features a model that comes with a sunshade and cup tray for even more bling on your royal seat. Both models can recline and lock into any position, so between the Blue Angels, fireworks, the big game, or an intimate bonfire shared with friends, you’re not going to miss even a second. All that’s missing is a gold crown and a flagon of mead or ale, but that’s up to you to provide.

Hanging Chair

Alright, so here’s the really fun one. I’ve been saving the best for last because of just how perfect the Algoma Cloud 9 Hanging Chaise Lounger is. Remember how just a second ago, we were talking about relaxing light royalty? Hold onto your hats, my friend, because this one just upped the ante to near godliness. While the collapsible umbrella ensures that nary a unwanted ray of sunlight shall fall on thine head, the heavy duty steel frame construction ensures that your investment survives the ages, supporting up to 260 pounds. Load this puppy up into the back of your pick-up truck and head for the stadium, and you’ll be the Deity of Defense, the Sultan of Shutouts, and the Patron of the Playoffs. Unbelievably comfortable, the polyester cushion, built-in pillow, and padded armrests might just be too relaxing.

While not as travel-friendly as the other options, the Cloud 9 Hanging Chaise Lounger sits at a pretty impressive 78"L x 55"W x 78"H, weighing a surprisingly light 86 lbs. The only bummer is that it doesn’t come with palm fronds and a plate of grapes, but perfection is closer than you think. Even if the Lounger never leaves your backyard or the side of your pool, you’ll still be the talk of the barbecue. The best part? You don’t have to share. We won’t tell anyone.

Summer really is the most fun of all the seasons, simply because of the time we are given with friends and family. There’s a grand amount of potential to be had in every single day, rain or shine. Take advantage of every moment, venture out and spend this time with those you love, and enjoy what brings people together. Whether you’re tailgating with the gang, watching fireworks with the family, or simply camping privately with a loved one, you deserve to experience this season with the greatest comfort and convenience available (with a little spark of unique style, too). Have fun!

No one can stop you from wringing every drop of joy from the day, so grab your cooler, toss your new portable seating into the back, pack up the family and head wherever. Try somewhere you’ve never been before: a local park, sporting event, public SCA demonstration. What new experience will you discover this summer? Bring your best seating and enjoy every second of it.