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The Brightest Hammocks of Them All

Posted by Candace Osmond on

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a truly wonderful relaxation experience. Everyone knows hammocks are incredibly comfortable, so they’re well suited for the job. What kind of hammock is best for you, though?

Do you want to go with a fabric hammock? These can often have great prints and color, as well as additional comfort in the form of special materials or padding.

Don’t want to lie down? A chair hammock might be something for which you’re in the market. These come in different styles, but still offer a great space to relax.

Looking for something more classic? Rope hammocks are probably your jam. Everybody has seen one of these, and there’s a reason they’ve been so popular for so many years.

These hammocks, with their bold colors and prints, help bring a sense of joy to any place you may hang them.


Algoma 12' Arc Stand and Fabric Hammock with Pillow

When it comes to beauty, the Algoma 12' Arc Stand and Fabric Hammock with Pillow has no challengers. The quilted hammock features a unique print, filled with circles of various sizes, set upon a gorgeous red background. The hammock is composed of polyester fabric with polyester fiber filling between each of its seams, making it softer than one might expect from a hammock. The hammock hangs on a spectacular 12-foot-long wooden arc frame made of Russian hardwood pine and coated with an outdoor spar varnish. This varnish is designed to resist rot, mold and mildew, so it should last for quite some time. As an added bonus, a matching pillow is included. This hammock can handle up to 300 pounds. If this is something you need in your life, click here.

Algoma 11' Fabric Hammock

With six vibrant color schemes, the Algoma 11’ Fabric Hammock wants to bring color to your world. I’m a big fan of the Roxen Stripe Nutmeg color scheme, myself. There’s a lot to love about this hammock. Apart from its multitude of color options, it features weather-resistant spun polyester fabric, keeping it safe from the elements. It also has a non-tilt sculpted pocket design and two hardwood spreader bars. This makes it easier to mount and dismount the hammock, which is a plus, if you’ve never used a hammock before. While it doesn’t include a hammock stand, it will work with one. This hammock can handle up to 300 pounds. Lay back and relax here.

Twotree 36" Cotton Fabric Hammock

Cotton, as we have been reminded over the years, is the fabric of our lives. Our clothes are made of it. Our sheets are made of it. The Twotree 36" Cotton Fabric Hammock is made of it, and we’re happier for it. Crafted from eco-friendly cotton, this hammock is a blast. It comes in a variety of colors, but the best one, in my opinion, is the model that comes in all the colors. It’s so inviting and reminds me of the beach. This hammock comes with no stand, but it is easy to carry and store, so it can be taken all over the place and mounted anywhere, given the right equipment. At 11 feet long and 36 inches wide, it’s really only suited for one person. This is also reinforced by the fact it can only hold up to 250 pounds. Bring a little color into your life here.


Algoma Soft Comfort Cushion Hanging Chair

aybe you don’t want to lie down, but instead sit back and relax. The Algoma Soft Comfort Cushion Hanging Chair fills that need perfectly. With a variety of patterns, finding one to match your style should be a cinch. Both the seat and back are filled with polyester fiber fill to give you incomparable softness, and the weather-resistant spun polyester of the upholstery will help it stand up to the elements. The 44 inch hardwood spreader bar gives you a comfortable 30-40 inch wide seat, which should be plenty of room to hang out. It doesn’t come with a stand, but there is one sold separately, should you not have a tree, porch or patio from which you can safely hang it. This hammock can hold up to 275 pounds. If you want a cushy experience, learn more here.

Bliss Island Rope Hammock Chair

If the chair style is appealing to you, but you want a more traditional rope look, the Bliss Island Rope Hammock Chair is exactly what you need. Made of hand-woven cotton rope and a wooden spreader bar, this hammock is designed to give you that great beachy feel. Much like the other hammocks in this list, the Bliss Island Rope Hammock Chair comes in several colors, but the multi-color one is the absolute best. It just looks inviting, with its 40-inch wide sitting area. This hammock can hold up to 265 pounds. For more on it, click here.


Algoma 13' Cotton Rope Hammock with Hanging Hardware and Pillow

Need something more traditional? Try the Algoma 13’ Cotton Rope Hammock with Hanging Hardware and Pillow. Not only does it feature quarter-inch natural rope, which allows for great comfort, it has an awesome attachable pillow. If you’re prone to flipping, just use the rope tie-offs on the pillow to keep it from falling off with you. The hardwood spreader bars help keep the hammock open and inviting, which is never a bad thing, and the plated hardware is corrosion-resistant, which should help protect it from whatever is going on outside. This hammock can hold up to 350 pounds. Get that classic hammock feel here.

Chilling Out

Few things are quite as relaxing as laying outside in a hammock on a warm day. Whether napping or reading a book as the clouds roll by, a hammock provides an experience which truly has no equal. When you can bring a great splash of color into the equation, you’re really bringing the tropics home. Rather than lying on a hard piece of patio furniture, consider going a little more tropical and bring a hammock into your life.

What’s your favorite kind of hammock? Do you also appreciate the bright color experience? Let us know in the comments section!