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Top 10 Hammock Vacations to Get Rid of your Winter Blues

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There comes a time in everyone’s lives where winter becomes a season of ‘blah’ and escape is needed. One of the first thoughts that come to mind is lounging on a hammock with a beach view and sipping piña coladas all day. This thought process is especially true for people who live in places with very rough winter conditions, temperatures way below zero, and snow piling up by the doors. Fresh snow is a beautiful and calming sight, but being stuck inside due to winter storm emergencies can ultimately lead to feeling depressed and anxious. If this sounds like you, it might be time for you to swing an escape from home to somewhere warm and tropical if the winter blues are pulling you down. Plus, you can still make a snowman out of beach sand! Check out these top 10 hammock vacations that will brighten up your holidays and soothe your soul.

1. Sanctuary Resort Las Alamandas, Mexico

Swoon. Mexico is always at the top of the list for getaways- but this is something unique. Located between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, Las Alamandas is technically considered a 15-acre nature reserve along the coast with only 16 luxury suites. The hammock on the patio truly sets the relaxation tone allowing you to swing life away. If getting away for you means being in the peace and quiet and away from crowds of people, this secluded and romantic piece of paradise.

2. Four Seasons • Koh Samui, Thailand

Surprisingly enough, getting to and from Thailand isn’t as expensive as you’d think and you can find round-trip tickets everywhere for discount rates. So, don’t be intimidated by the distance. The picture shown above makes up for those weary thoughts, correct? Finding your way out of your private bungalow and towards the beach will lead you to large hammocks that hover above the glistening water. When it gets too hot while you’re achieving your winter tan, all you have to do is dip your leg into the ocean. Honestly, I could just sleep here all day and night. Who needs a bed when you’re in hammock paradise?

3. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa • The Maldives

Nestled on the Indian Ocean, this resort in the Maldives will turn every beachside fantasy you have into a reality. Not only are these bungalows located on top of the ocean rather than the land, but most amenities hover over the water- even dinner. No, food doesn’t sit on water, but your dining area will be. One of the most awesome things about this gorgeous resort is the lazy hammocks that are positioned right next to the crystal clear blue waters. Very private and located far away from the bigger cities in the area- Taj Exotica has become a top pick for travelers escaping the cold.

4. Intercontinental Resort & Spa • Cozumel, Mexico

Being able to lounge on a hammock alongside the Caribbean Sea is one of the most popular features of the InterContinental Resort & Spa, and we can clearly understand why. Also, it’s not as far away as some of the other resorts on this list so travel can be a bit more budget-friendly. Located by one of the world’s largest coral reefs, you can explore first and relax later, or vice versa. Also, take the extra time to indulge in some phenomenal Mexican cuisine and get massages and body wraps/scrubs in the spa. I can imagine why the guy in this picture looks like he’s sleeping!

5. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club • Nevis

Hammocks placed right above the water are super trendy right now and it’s an extra slice of very simple luxury that more and more hotels/resorts are adding to their list of benefits. I mean, look how easy this one is- two trees are holding it up! Being able to hear small waves crashing and reach down to stroke the warm water is enough to make you never want to go home. The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club located on Nevis (a Caribbean island close to Puerto Rico) is hands down one of the coolest tiny islands you’ll ever visit.

6. Nihiwatu Resort • Sumba Island, Indonesia

Less than a one-hour flight from Bali, Sumba Island has an extensive history and is home to a resort that has undoubtedly maintained it’s placed in the top 10 resorts worldwide on multiple occasions. The white sands look as though they’ve never even been touched, so it basically feels like you are lounging on a hammock on the beach of your own private island. The beach is surrounded by dense tropical forest and provides ocean activities for the adventurous or relaxation activities for those who simply want to lay around and smell the salty air all day. Regardless of how you spend your time here, you will never want to leave.

7. Gaya Island Resort • Borneo

With all-inclusive package offers for astonishingly great rates, the Gaya Island Resort is a top choice for people who want to go somewhere new. Gaya Island has been a beautiful forest reserve since 1923 and the beaches look as though it’s barely been touched by humans apart from the luxurious resort and spa. Though it doesn’t appear that each room or balcony has a private hammock like a lot of resorts on this list, don’t let that sway you. Wouldn’t it be much better to lay on a hammock on the beach and watch the sunset rather than your room/suite anyways?

8. Southernmost Beach Resort • Key West, Florida

Maybe I’m a bit biased since I’ve been to Key West and absolutely adored the place, but it’s close to home which makes it quite easy to travel to. For many people, it would basically be migrating south for the winter, away from the cold northern states and down to the tropical areas surrounded by the ocean. The awesome thing about this resort is that the hammocks and lounge chairs are all over the beach and are in many different colors and sizes. You can lay with someone else on these hammocks or be alone, and you can walk a little further to find some more secluded ones. Regardless, it’s a hammock on the beach under the sunshine, not a car in your driveway that takes 30 minutes to defrost.

9. Marriott Resort & Spa • Waikiki

Another trip that would be easier on the wallet is a winter vacation to Waikiki, Hawaii. And one of the most popular hammock resorts with hundreds of 5-star reviews is the Marriott Resort & Spa. Have the Pacific Ocean at your fingertips and let the gentle breeze sway you on one of the many popular resort beach hammocks. Located close to the peaceful resting spot is a beach grill and bar within walking distance. Eat, drink, sway, and play.

10. Pacuare Lodge • Costa Rica

I’m saving one of the most unique hammock views for last, as you can tell. So, what’s so neat about this place? For starters, this lodge is composed of private treehouse bungalows  with dual hammocks, enabling you to watch the jungle wildlife right from your own private space and relax amongst the treetops. Really look at the picture above, how unique is this idea? Here’s a second picture for you to truly grasp the beauty of this place.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be stuck above ground the whole time, there is plenty to do and see at the Pacuare Lodge- but a hammock right in front of your own private pool way above the ground surrounded by all the sounds of the jungle? I don’t think I’d be leaving this general area for the first few days.